Ana Babović

Initiator and founder of Serbia on the Move

Ana began her career working as an Advisor to the Deputy Prime Minister of Serbia believing that to become modern, Serbia requires systemic reform.

She believes that to be democratic, governments need strong and active civil society to keep it accountable for making the better life of citizens a prioritynumber one. This belief led her to initiate the founding of the Serbia on the move. Since then, first as a volunteer and later as Executive Director, she led several national campaigns aimed at bettering quality of life in Serbia.

In 2016 Ana completed a Master of Public Administration at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. During her time at Harvard, Ana was Assistant Professor and Head of the Teaching Team with professor Marshall Ganz, where she taught and managed leadership courses in Public Narrative and Community Organizing.

Ana believes in the power of people to make change and she is committed to building leadership among people who need that change.

Predrag Stojičić

After graduating from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade, he gained Master degree in the field of Public Health at Harvard University. He has been engaged in health management and policies for more than ten years. During the past two years he has been assisting professor Marshall Ganz on Public Narrative and Community Organizing courses. Currently, he works at Fannie E. Rippel Foundation, based in New York, which gathers leading experts from various fields in order to design innovative solutions for improvement of the USA health system. He was the president of Youth of Yugoslav Association for AIDS Prevention during the period from 2000 to 2005 and after that he was an independent consultant on many projects regarding Serbian health system reform. By nature, he is an intellectual pessimist and action optimist. He believes in community, science and dogs.

Nikola Ilić

Member of Supervisory Committee

He was born in Belgrade in 1983. He graduated from the Third Belgrade High School, while finishing fourth year of his high school education in the USA. He also graduated from London School for PR as one of the youngest attendants. During his ten years long working experience he worked at TBI Fund, Delta Holding, Dunav Private Pension Fund and Dunav Insurance, and for three years he was an entrepreneur, managing a firm with his brother. He is one of the founders and former president of CSO Serbia on the Move, where he is engaged in strategic planning, new leaders’ development, communications, finance and financial sustainability of the organization. He was the team leader of Iskra project. Cooperating with professor Marshall Ganz, he got the opportunity to be engaged in the campaigns throughout the world. In 2016 he graduated from Harvard University, where his focus was on economic and social development topics. He was an assistant on two courses at Harvard University: “Financial Management in Public and Nonprofit Organizations” - Prof. Ann Thornburg and “Organizing: People, Power, Change” - Prof. Marshall Ganz.

Today, he lives in Washington and is engaged in the field of international economic development as a consultant. Besides economics and socially responsible activism, he likes sports, rock music and playing guitar. He is interested in the futuristic, technology, politics and philosophy. He wants to devote his life to human capital deliverance and creating the conditions in which everyone can reach their full potential. He believes that education and science can save Serbian society.

Dušan Stojičić

President of Serbia on the Move

Born in Belgrade in 1983. Graduated from the 4th Belgrade High-School, and went on to receive his Bachelor's degree in Finance Management from the Faculty of Economics at the University of Nis. He is currently completing his Masters in Economics.

Until 2008, he worked for R.A.L. Austria, Polza D.O.O. and Raiffeisen Bank. In 2008, he transferred to the civil sector, first as a Project Assistant, then as a Coordinator. Between 2013 and 2015 he served as an Executive Director of the Center for Development of Non-Formal Education. He has completed the "Community Organizing, Leadership and Change" program offered by the Harvard University John F. Kennedy School.

With more than five years of experience in community organizing through engagement in Serbia on the move. He was a grassroots campaign leader for the local community project bringing more than 500 people together to improve recycling in Belgrade. He was also a national leader of Theater against violence movement ( He assisted in the successful completion of the “Rights for moms” project (

Most recently, he was elected to the leadership role of Serbia on the Move.

He loves to take everything good that comes from the west but stands firmly on the sidelines of defending the east. He believes in a model of social economics and equality for all. Mountaineer, marathon runner, environmentalist and a big dog-lover.

Marko Grujičić

Born in Belgrade in 1983. Graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade, where he also completed Master studies in European Integrations (L.LM). Started his professional career in law office Spasić and Partners, passed the Bar Exam and worked as an attorney-at-law until 2014 when he left Serbia. Graduated from the School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) of the John Hopkins University. Member of Serbia on the Move since 2009 because he believes that profound changes in a society can be achieved only if initiated by organized citizens. Marko is an avid long-distance runner who lives and works in Washington D.C. Areas of interests: international affairs; conflict, security, and development; rule of law and good governance.

Vidan Danković

Member of Supervisory Committee

Born in 1971 in Belgrade, he believes in the idea that cities should be suited for people, which is why he is a passionate promoter of European concept of accessibility and he won’t give up until he sees all of his friends with disability enjoying activities they like, taking part in social and political life and having fun at taverns and clubs. He is the father of two children and he raises them, guided by himself as an example, to believe in team work and be socially aware and responsible citizens. He believes that aesthetics is the form of knowledge. („Aesthetics is not being written neither for the creator nor for the beholder of beauty, but solely and exclusively for the thinker who finds the doings and the posture of those two to be a puzzle.“ N. Hartman). He built all of the furniture at his home together with his wife. He is a member of Serbia on the Move because he believes that we all have the ability to gather people around us, motivate them to take an action and decide with them what that action is going to look like.

Marina Pavlic

Community Organizer

Marina was born in Belgrade in 1983. She finished Fourth Belgrade High School, and later on graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade, Department of Philosophy. If she was born in another country, on another planet or in another time, she would probably be engaged in philosophy, mathematics, art and pedagogy, but the current situation in society disturbs her. She believes in people and believes that together, if we put in a little effort and organize, we can make miracles happen. In 2009 in Serbia on the move, she found people who have grown tired of waiting for changes to happen by themselves, people who have not lost hope that in our country one can live in dignity and who believe that there is a huge untapped potential in each of us. Like a great hedonist she is, she enjoys interacting with people with whom she shares same values and ideals.


Vladica Jovanović

Debater, activist and friend. Former Petnica attendant and unaccomplished journalist. She was a judge at European debate championship and organized one in Belgrade. Educated to be a journalist, she decided to create change through social organizing and advocacy. She loves music, her friends and family, to sleep and to occupy the dance floor. Bilingual in sarcasm and English. She byes flowers to herself. She came to Serbia on the Move in 2010 because she liked the idea that corruption should be fought through promotion of good examples and inclusion of doctors in preservation of their profession. She stayed because she got infected with social organizing and the energy of people. She completed the Harvard course Leadership, Organizing, Action. She feels happiest when she realizes that as a trainer she has contributed to somebody’s growing into leader and leading their own campaign.

Goran Murić

He is a telecommunication engineer, born in Užice in 1984. In 2009 he graduated from the Faculty of Transportation, University of Belgrade in the field of telecommunication traffic and networks, and in 2011 he completed the Master studies at the same faculty. He worked as an engineer on the SENSEI project within Ericsson Serbia on developing algorithms and “smart city” service research. During the period from 2012 to 2014 he was working at the Faculty of Transportation as an engineer of IT support. He has been an activist at Serbia on the Move since 2009, where he was engaged in the campaigns “I’m Not on the Take, I Work or Salary”, “What’s Your Doctor Like?”, seminar “Free Entrance” and organizing the “Belgrade Ignite” events. During the period from 2012 to 2013 he was the president of Serbia on the Move. At the moment he lives in Germany, where he is attending PhD studies at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Technical University in Dresden.

Milica Marković

Member of Supervisory Committee

Milica was born in 1988 in Belgrade. She graduated from the Faculty of Economics and went on to complete Master studies at the Faculty of Law. She has been a member of Serbia on the Move since 2010, when she joined the campaign “I’m not on the Take, I Work for Salary”. Since then she has been a member of PR team, in charge of event organization. She was the leader of “Belgrade Ignite” team from 2012 to 2015. She completed the on line course “Organizing, Leadership and Change 2014” led by professor Marshall Ganz at John F. Kennedy School of Policy, where she was working on the project “Violence Has No Justification”. In her pass time she is into folklore and contemporary dance, she likes nature and films, and she is interested in Far East countries, her dream being to visit all of them. She sees Serbia on the Move as a place where youth, moving energy and willingness meet. She is glad to be the part of such a creative team that is always ready for action.

Ivana Janković

She graduated in the field of human and social resources. It’s working with PEOPLE that fulfills her. She likes sincere smiles (when your eyes smile), the sea, Durmitor Mountain, photography, chocolate and cherries, cats. She makes great cakes. She joined Serbia on the Move to learn some new things and to stop being “just a student”. At the beginning she was the team leader on the project “I’m not on the Take, I Work for Salary”, and after that, led by the positive feelings social organizing was bringing in her, she took part in “You Can!” campaign and in teaching the seminar on social organizing and public speaking “Free Entrance”. Besides the experience she gained at Serbia on the Move, what’s still keeping her there is not just the constant opportunity for personal development, but first and foremost the people she gathers. She likes their values and differences, and the fact that they don’t wait for somebody else to solve the problem if something bothers them. Instead, they take the initiative. It’s the company that doesn’t stop at first obstacle and first “no”, but starts working even harder, focuses on the goal and in the end says “We did it!”.