društveno organizovanje
We can freely express and organize ourselves, not waiting for someone else to solve our problems.

Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and decision making, without being pressured or blackmailed by others. Everyone has the right to critical examining of authority without suffering the consequences. All the people have the possibility to gather themselves and organize, to change the world around us, and not to wait for others to do so.

Modern education and science are available to us and we are constantly working on personal development.

Formal education is only the beginning, because learning is a process that lasts a lifetime. You are every person you’ve ever met, every place you’ve ever visited, every film you’ve ever seen, every book you’ve ever read. We create an environment where science is appreciated and the scientific work respected.

We are making progress in accordance with how much we are worth and how much we work.

We live in a society where we know that our efforts and work are valued and rewarded, and we thrive in accordance with our performance.

We know the rules of the game and they are the same for all

We respect the law, it is the same for all, and the principle of „we are all equal but some are more equal than others“ does not apply here.

The state is a service of citizen, not a force holding us back

Civil servants and services are there for the citizens, they know that it is the citizens who fund their work. The state provides a framework for free actions of individuals.

We perceive health as a right of all of us, not a privilege of some

We all have the same access to health care regardless of wealth, connections, and personal characteristics.

We value human life above all and we take care of safety

Each human life is precious and unique, and should be cherished as such. We live in an environment where efforts are made to raise the level of security in all sectors. Safety comes first!

We accept diversity and practice solidarity

We understand that we all have the same rights and freedoms although our personal characteristics may differ, and every day we ensure that all members of our society are accepted and protected. We react to the needs of others and provide support and assistance.


We are creating a society of equal opportunities and an environment accessible for all

We all have equal opportunities to develop ourselves and realize our own personal potential, we live and work in an environment physically accessible for all of us.

We take care of nature and we do not pollute it

We do not litter. We conserve water, it is the source of life.

We use free media and the free internet is available to us in all parts of Serbia

Free media exist, function, and we use them for acquiring information. We have Internet access everywhere in Serbia, and we use it for gathering information.

Art and culture are available to us

There is a variety of content in culture and art available to citizens at the level of each municipality. Creating possibilities for artistic and cultural events in all parts of Serbia, so that people will not have to leave their closest surroundings to attend cultural and artistic events.

We volunteer for the community and are honored to do so

We live in a society where volunteering evokes respect and admiration, where there is an awareness that this type of activism brings out the best in people. Volunteering improves the quality of life, not only of volunteers but of the entire community, which benefits from the volunteer work.