Education And Play Belong Together

Bor, February 9th – Insired by one of the  Serbia on the Move’s 13 points – that modern education and science should always be available to us – Eastern Front, club from Bor, celebrated the International Education day by organizing street action. The club members prepared a task for their fellow citizens – if they…



Students’ Say Matter

Serbia, February 2-5th – Over 200 college students took part in the poll „Let’s Tell Them What Bothers Us“ that was conducted by the „Studets on the Move“ team, within the „I Choose Whom I Choose“ inititive. The aim of the poll was to gather the information about the current problems among the college students…



Belgrade Burdened with Urban Development Problems

Belgrade, January 31st – February 5th – Stray dogs, poor waste management and city pollution, unlicensed construction, unresolved issues with parks and public spaces, lack of sewerage in the suburban areas, city traffic and holes in the roads are the problems most frequently mentioned by Belgrade citizens in the online poll “Coffee with the MP”…



Members of Parliament are welcome in Mali Zvornik

Mali Zvornik, January 31st – The citizens of Mali Zvornik were glad to hear that soon they would have the opportunity to speak to the MPs. Ad Drinum, Serbia on the Move’s team from Mali Zvornik that is engaged in the „I Choose Whom I choose“ initiative, talked to their fellow citizens about the local…



Have You Heard of Dotmocracy?

What is dotmocracy? It is a regulated decision making process that includes a large number of people with equal chances state their opinion. How does the dotmocratic decision making process look like? Write down the idea you want to discuss on a sheet of paper. The voters state their opinion by coloring one dot on…



The Brick of Gratitude, and Then Antigone

Belgrade, January 29th – Serbia on the Move’s Social Club continues to promote the work of young artists. This time, on the stage of Klub Petak, the audience had the opportunity to watch the play based on the Miro Gavran’s “Creon’s Antigone”. Playing the role of Antigone, young actress Iva Kevra presented her Master exam work. Her…



Antigone on the Stage at Social Club

Social Club of Serbia on the Move invites you to new gathering. This time you will have the opportunity to watch the play based on the Miro Gavran’s “Creon’s Antigone”. Playing the role of Antigone, young actress Iva Kevra will present her Master exam work. Her partner on stage will be Vahid Džanković in the…



Live or On Line – Problems Remain the Same

Novi Sad, January 16-20th – Over 60 citizens took part in the on line action “I Address the MP”, conducted by the Serbia on the Move’s team from Novi Sad that is engaged in the initiative “I Choose Whom I Choose”. The action had its first part in December and now it continued via Facebook…


Hand to the Paw at the Eastern Front

Bor, January 18th – Eastern Front, the Serbia on the Move club from or, made it easier for their fellow citizens, but for the city stray dogs as well. to handle the low January temperatures. Guided by the solidarity principles, which is one of Serbia on the Move’s Thirteen Points, the club organized the action…



Reaching Best Ideas through Yoga

Bor, January 13th – Willing to launch the new year with practicing 13 points and taking care of their health and personal development, the activists of Eastern Front, Serbia on the Move’s club from Bor, were determined to fdiscover the ways n which people can calm their minds and reach the best and most creative…


We Choose to Be Humane

Mali Zvornik, January 5th – The „I Choose Whom I Choose“ team Ad Drinum from Mali Zvornik reminded us that the holidaus are the great opportunity to practice humanitarianism. The team members organized the humanitarian party at the „Fisher“ cafe, where they invited their fellow citizens in order to collect donations for the „Support Life“…



Do You Take Care of Your Reproductive Health?

Bor, December 30th – Inspired by one of the 13 points, that we should value human life above all and take care of safety, Eastern Front, Serbia on the Move’s club from Bor, organized the lecture on reproductive health. The lecturers Marko Jovanović and Monika Punđejević talked to the students of Technics Faculty in Bor and other…


New Year Cards Making Problem Talk Easier

Bor, December 25-26th – Even the initiative „I Choose Whom I Choose“ got infected with the holiday atmosphere. The members of Dim Team took a walk along the streets of Bor so they would talk to their fellow citizens about the biggest problems in the local community. On that occasion, they didn’t forget to hand…